Still Alive

You turned me upside down and turned my insides out
But that’s alright
You made me laugh then made me cry then made me shout
But that’s alright
But something keeps on beating in there
I guess my heart survived
I know I said I couldn’t live without you
But I’m still alive

You took me out there on a trip that tripped me out
But that’s alright
I’m still confused about what it was all about
But that’s alright
They say it’s better to be travelling than to arrive
But then they said I couldn’t live without you
And I’m still alive

In the beginning we were there till the end of time
It isn’t sinning to prepare for the kind of murder
That’s not a crime

I guess I knew you guessed I knew when we were through
But that’s alright
I’ll tell you what to do if I could tell what’s true
But that’s alright
I think I’d better think it over
For a year or five
But then I thought I couldn’t live without you
And I'm still alive


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