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Joe Jackson
"Steppin' Out"
Night And Day
A&M 1982
Director: Steve Barron

[overhead shot of NYC]
New York City - 1982

[lit up clock on a building]
The crew had to hurry to get one shot - they only had one chance to catch it.

[arrow points to the Chrysler Building's lights being switched on at sunset]

[maid closing door behind her, arrow pointing at her]

[maid cleaning room while Joe Jackson plays the piano]
Filmed over 1 night in the St. Regis - one of NYC's "fanciest" hotels.

[camera pans out from Joe Jackson to show the window and outside of the building at night]
They rented a suite.

[Arrow points at the window next to Joe Jackson's lighting up, and a lady moving into the window]

[Woman in a gold lame jacket primping in a mirror]
Cost of one night in this room in 1982: $200

[Woman walks off]
In 2000: $1100

[Close up of Joe Jackson playing at the piano and singing, switching to a shot of fast moving traffic at night]
The St. Regis was the birthplace of a popular alcoholic beverage.

[Shot of a Lite beer neon sign]
The Bloody Mary

[Maid cleaning, Joe Jackson playing piano with arrow pointing at him]
Vodka drinker

[Maid moves off camera as Joe Jackson plays]
David Ian Jackson
Born: Aug 11, 1954
Place: Burton-upon-Trent, England

[Shot of both windows]
David thought his name was too normal - so he changed it to something "exciting".

[Joe Jackson playing piano with arrow pointing at him]

[Maid in other room, holding up a fancy dress to her in the mirror]
Video's concept: a hotel maid fantasizes what it would be like to "step out" in style

[Camera back to Joe Jackson playing piano]
Average time a woman spends preparing for a date: 1 hour

[Maid spins while holding the dress, which dissolves to a clip of her in said dress and dancing with a man, arrow pointing at her]
3 seconds

[More dancing]
steppin' out (v): an occasion to dress up in one's finest clothes and seek entertainment

[Joe Jackson in a tux playing in the club while the dressed-up maid and man dance in the background, arrow pointing upward]

[More dancing, waiter passes through]
The dance scenes were filmed in the morning - the club cost too much to rent at night.

[Scene morphs from the dressed-up maid dancing to her back in the hotel room with the dress held to her]
The club had a strict dress code.

[Back to Joe Jackson playing in the club, arrow pointing downward]
Wearing shoes

[Dressed-up maid and man dancing in the club]
Shoeless Joe Jackson was a member of the infamous 1919 Chicago White Sox.

[arrow pointing at Joe Jackson]
Yankee fan

[scenes of city lights at night, the Chrysler Building lit up]
Joe says he became a "true New Yorker" while writing and recording this album.

[More dancing, closeups of hands playing the piano]
The phrase "steppin' out" was coined in NYC in the 1930's.

[Dressed-up maid and man dancing in the club, Joe Jackson playing and singing]
Illicit drug usage was very fashionable in 30's high society.

[Joe Jackson playing piano with arrow pointing at him]
Enjoyed "high" society

[Spinning city lights, man hands the maid a red flower at the club]
Joe has said he was "getting high" a lot at the time of this video.

[Dressed-up maid in the club holding the flower and smiling]
Cost of a gram of cocaine in NYC in 1982: $100

[Dressed-up maid and man walking out of the club]
In 2000: $50

[Joe playing in the club]
Joe said he gave up cocaine because he thought he was becoming addicted.

[Dressed-up maid and man walking along a sidewalk]
And it was "destroying" his music.

[Camera pans away from the couple and up the outside of the hotel, where we see the maid rise from sitting on the bed and dash across the room with the dress]
The Regis. [with a bubble showing Regis Philbin]

[Maid holding a stack of towels as the woman staying in the room walks in and looks about, a bit puzzled]
Steppin' Out Barbie began being sold in 1999.

[Man from the club enters the room next door, and closes the door]
Cocaine not included

[another shot of woman and the maid, then back to the man, staring at the piano and looking puzzled]
Ken hasn't "stepped out" yet. [with a bubble of a naked Ken doll torso]

[Joe Jackson walking down the steps of the hotel while pulling on a long jacket, then bending down to pick up the red flower]
Joe later said that he didn't like videos - and vowed he was "steppin' away" from them.

[Man in hotel room walking to piano, then sitting at it]
He didn't. [a bubble of Joe Jackson in a newer video]

[Joe Jackson adjusting his coat with the red flower held in his mouth, then pulls the flower from his mouth and looks up at the hotel while walking]

Joe went on to make several more videos for his songs - even though he claimed they were killing his music. In 2000 Joe returned to his NYC "roots" - he released a sequel to this album - without videos.

Joe Jackson
"Steppin Out"

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