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Poll Time!

Now is the time to speak up. I'd love to know what is your favorite Joe Jackson album of all time. I think it would be interesting to see what my fellow fans think. If you can come up with another (better!) question, send me email at, and I'll create a poll for that question, as well.

An explanation for the non-complete listing of albums is in order here. I use a free polling service called, which limits their polls to 10 responses. Therefore, I had to cull some of the albums from the list. I decided to cut the albums I did for the following reasons:

  1. Jumpin' Jive - all are covers of other artists' songs
  2. Live - all the songs are on other albums
  3. Mike's Murder - I don't own this album. Totally arbitrary. So there. ;)
  4. Tucker - mostly instrumental
  5. Will Power - instrumental

Essentially, I decided to focus on Joe's non-instrumental work. Short and sweet.

Anyway - on to the poll:

Your Favourite Joe Jackson Album
Out of the following Joe Jackson albums, which one is your favourite?

Beat Crazy
Big World
Blaze of Glory
Body & Soul
Heaven & Hell
I'm The Man
Laughter & Lust
Look Sharp!
Night & Day
Night Music

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