Drunk Song

The hands on the clock stopped moving a long time ago
To the horror of cops and mothers and daughters
But I've made it to 2am
Now it's nothing to do with them
It's my life - or funeral

Another round for me, and those old friends
I know it might appear to be lonely
So here's to the ___ on
Let's drink till the stone is gone
Then start over again

A man raises his hat, and says, "Johnnie Walker" to you
He ___ stands guard for the Tower of London
There's heroes and villians here
Captain Morgan and Belvedere
And Queen Victoria

Wild Turkeys and Bass abound in this ____ oon
And even the grouse is said to be famous
Flying through mars to bed
Triennals and stars of red
Swirling into the air

Let's ride a white horse all the way from Sambucca to Rome
____ack the back on the mythical centaur (sator?)
______ strike on the Harp
We sail on the ______
Over the air _____


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